This speaker system allows the user to create two independent “musical zones” inside the car: back and front

Normally, passengers in a car have no choice but to listen to what the driver or the owner’s car wants to listen. It’s great if you happen to like what they want to listen, otherwise the trip can become a real pain. In fact, I thought it was possible to endure electro-latin for five hours straight, but on the last holiday my friend made sure to prove me wrong. I’m still traumatized.

Well, the solution is here. A new speaker system capable of creating different “sound zones” inside the car, one in the front seats and another one in the back, and without using earphones. The war for the control of the car’s music is over.

The device has been developed by the University of Southampton’s Institute of Sound and Vibration Research. The system uses the standard car speakers, set to a low frequency in the doors, as well as a set of smaller speakers installed in the seats. Also this system is designed to create two areas of sound, isolated from each other, so the passenger in the front seats can listen to something different to the passengers in the back seats.

This innovative speaker system has been presented in the 21st International Congress of Acoustics, in Montreal, although it is still unclear when exactly will it hit the market.

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