Sony introduces New portable wireless speaker SRS-BTM8

Sony introduces its portable wireless speaker, plays music by tapping the speaker with a phone

Connects to Android smartphones via Bluetooth and NFC. The audio system can be used as a hands-free through a button

The new device incorporates both bluetooth and NFC technology.

These innovations allow the user to synchronize much more easily, According to, the link between devices is complete in seconds.

Moreover, this speaker can be used as a hands-free, due to the inclusion of a microphone. It’s even possible to call via voice commands, possible action through the call button.

Another nifty function is applied in the One Touch. When connected to a smartphone, with a touch of any Android phone on top, music can be played immediately.

The Sony SRS-BTM8 has a very distinctive and unique design because of its upper handle. This helps make it easier to transport, and the device itself is a nice, small size.

The sound equipment was manufactured in black and white colors. It measures 245 mm long by 185 mm wide and 88 millimeters thick.

This speaker does not work use an integrated battery, but four AA batteries.

The front grille features a panel behind which hides the speakers, 50 mm in diameter and two watts of power each. The system has two connectors, one audio input 3.5 mm and one for the current, when it is desired to use its wireless quality.

One disadvantage in manufacturing is perhaps the lack of a couple of important controls for music playback. These are the forward and backward functions to control the tracks. This operation can only be done by phone.

The Sony SRS-BTM8 speaker is already on sale in the world market. In Ecuador you can get it for about $ 130 (JCS).

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