Samsung’s DA-E570 Wireless Speakers Reivew

The Samsung DA-E570 is a speaker for mobile devices with a very unique characteristic: the feature a Dock not only for iPhone, but also a micro-USB port to connect to it, like you can appreciate in the picture, an Android Smartphone (only compatible with Galaxies). This two-channel model features two 5-watt speakers, and, besides functioning as a “Dock” (charging the device connected to it), it is also capable of playing our music wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Samsung’s DA-E570 Wireless Speakers

This makes the model a very versatile one. Personally, I prefer to connect the audio via Bluetooth tan having to “sacrifice” a Smartphone, connecting it permanently to it.  We can leave the phone connected to the Dock (if we need to charge it, for example, or if we just don’t need it right now), and then we can just take it with us whenever we feel like it. Immediately, the connection will go from Dock to Bluetooth mode, and the music won’t be interrupted. In regards to the Bluetooth connectivity, this model features Apt-X technology, the “evolution” of A2DP, which gives better audio quality. As long as, of course, our phone features support for this kind of connectivity (smart phones like the Droid Razr, Galaxy S III, HTC One X, and Macs with Snow Leopard or higher, already feature support for apt-x).

Besides the connection via Dock and Bluetooth, we have the standard 3.5mm to connect any other kind of device.

Samsung’s DA-E570 Speakers

If we use it connected to the Dock, we can use a small and simple control panel in it, or also its remote controller, to increase the volume, play, stop and search songs, etc.

Samsung’s DA-E570 Speakers

The speaker is very small and easy to carry, with its 300 x 94 x 170 mm size. However, it isn’t really “portable”, since it has no internal battery, so it must always be close to a power plug.

Samsung’s DA-E570 Speakers

The sound quality, though, is remarkable. Most of the Audio Docks for smart phones tend to sacrifice sound quality over some other features, like design or portability. With this model, Samsung found the perfect balance between size and audio quality. The DA-E570 has an excellent sound quality for low, mid and high-frequency sound, and with enough volume for even the biggest room.

Samsung’s DA-E570 Speakers

Compared to similar products, the versatility of the DA-E570 makes it a great choice. Like I said, the possibility of using it not only as a Dock, but also as a Bluetooth speaker, getting rid of the need of having the smart phone connected to it at all times, along with its sound quality, make it the perfect companion for our iPhone or Galaxy smart phone. However, you may also want to consider its big brother, the DA-E670, which features not only better sound quality, but also connectivity via Bluetooth, AirPlay and AllShare.

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