Panasonic SC-NA30 and SC-NA10, speakers for smartphones and tablets

Panasonic SC-NA30

The SC-NA30 and the SC-NA10 are the two newest speakers from Panasonic. They’re very small and designed to be used indoors and outdoors alike. These portable speakers can work even far away from the power plug thanks to the internal lithium-ion battery. They’re ideal for any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity, like smartphones or tablets. It supports 2.1 Bluetooth with the A2DP standard or better to wirelessly transmit stereo sound.

Also, if your device supports NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity, you don’t have to link it to the speaker, since you can connect them simply by pressing a button. These speakers from Panasonic can also work as hands-free to answer every one of your calls without having to pick up the phone, since they also have a small microphone. The speaker can be charged through a USB even while it’s playing your music.

panasonic sc na10

These speakers can also play music from other devices, like portable players, thanks to the 3.5-mm minijack port. Panasonic has included the XBS Master Sound technology that make bass more powerful without distorting the sound. Both are available in silver and black. The SC-NA30 is the most advanced model and also the heavier (930 grams), compared to the 520 grams of the SC-NA10. It’s also slightly bigger to house a subwoofer with an 8-centimeter cone, something the former doesn’t have. Both feature 5-centimeter speakers and a passive radiator, the same size as the subwoofer. The internal 2.900 mAh battery lasts 14 hours in normal mode and up to 20 in power saving mode. The SC-NA30’s size: 244 x 144 x 48 millimeters; it costs around 270 dollars.

On the other hand, the Panasonic SC-NA10 costs 180 dollars and offers stereo sound instead of 2.1 channels. The RMS output power stays at 10 watts. Its size: 2.9 x 20 x 9.9 centimeters. It has two speakers with 4-centimeter cones and an 8-centimeter passive radiator. The speaker includes a hard case that can act as a stand. The 1.240 mAh battery takes three hours to charge and can last for 10 hours.

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