My Opinion about MLM company

In a legitimate MLM company, does not necessarily mean, that the upline earns more than you. So it is in Herbalife, and there are thousands of examples. And it is actually not correct when starting a business to count how much per hour we’ve get paid. We get paid per hour when working for wages. I started years ago a common business with a huge investment, and in the beginning it was definitly not about to see how much I earn per hour. Doing business means creating value, and we get paid by value and profits, not by hours, no matter in what business we are. When I started my company I worked definitely in the beginning more hours than I got paid for. Seeing only the harvest from any business without the work done earlier is easy. Also for Herbalife you can grab a calculator and it is profitable, except you expect to get paid in the beginning instantly like someone who is working it already for longer and more intensive. Be certain like in any other busines if you want more, you’ve got put more work in.

I am running a company with overheads, employees, inventory, etc. and I have studied quite intensive for the past 20 years all kind of business models including Franchise and MLM. And if you if you want to take your chances starting your own business but don’t have bigger funds, depending on the business, you can forget about Franchise or a common company set up. MLM is a great way for any individual to start from zero with a few dollars, without the monthly overheads a common business got, and start retailing products customer by customer and building your business. And purchasing only as much products you can handle. There is no need like in any other business like opening a retail store purchasig for thousands of dollars goods in advance and having them, if business starts slow as dead capital.

Further people completely misunderstanding the meaning of recruiting of new people in a legitimate MLM business. A legitimate MLM won’t pay you a cent just for recruiting, because thats not the way. You recruit to expand your own business, just like it is when any business exands with new ‘branches’. But you need develop the new branches, caring, guiding and training them with the same skills like your very own. And any good MLM company (incl. Herbalife) supports all the way with great tools to do so. MLM is about self branding like you open a retail shop ’Joe’s Fashion Shop’ but with a great potential to succeed without overheads like shop and office rents, wages to pay, warehousing, etc.

Most people think that MLM is just a great way to make money fast, or even becoming rich fast. That’s simply wrong! Also in MLM you need to work, what do you think! Any business you do requires your very own work, and if you want to make a lot of money, you need to work hard for it. And if you do better than your upline, your career is better than his in a legitimate MLM.

The only way to screw it up, it by doing it wrong!

There is nothing wrong with inviting friends and relatives… but people putting the wrong intention in it and putting the money first. If you do so, you will screw it. That’s not the way how business works! Entrepreneurs doing business because they have a product or service that should make a difference to the people, and then the money comes. If you put the money first and you are not sincere behind the product or service you’ve got you will fail, not only in MLM you will fail everywhere.

People used to go work for the money to make a living, even just to survive, without a reason or mission. If you start any business you do it, because you want to make a difference to people with honest passion, whether you open a retail shop for clothes, or a service company, or a MLM business with great products.

Success attracts envy. Success is a threat for certain lobbies. Success is a path of development and its never perfect. There is no perfect company out there. All big brands and entrepreneurs out there had their challenges on the way. Successful people fixing what needs to be fixed and moving on improved, versus complainers who will always talking about what wasn’t right all their life.

Personally I haven’t meet in 20 years not a single person who’s involved in a good MLM company, that has failed. If they have started the business because of the products.

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