Macbook Pro with touchbar pros & cons

It’s been a while since Apple worked on MacBook, but it’s finally here. MacBook pro is finally back, with enhanced technology and new features after four years.

Macbook Pro with touchbar

MacBook Pro with touch bar is available as a 13-inch and 15-inch feature, and also, it offers a new space-grey color that looks beautiful. However, while new releases are usually amazing, there are also downsides. This article reveals the most important pros and cons of the MacBook Pro, so keep reading this intriguing article.



Its design is extremely smooth and adorable to look at. This laptop is sturdily built, and the new space grey color gives it a new, attractive look that you will fall in love with.

MacBook Pro with touch bar is much more lightweight compared to its ancestor. While the 2012’s MacBook pro weights 4.46 pounds, today’s MacBook Pro with touch bar is only 3 pounds heavy.


It features Retina display that is more vibrant and brighter than ever. This change is very noticeable, as you can easily set up the brightness level on a touch bar above keyboard, which saves a lot of clicks.


Compared to the older MacBook, but also other products, Macbook Pro introduces enhanced audio components that improve the quality of audio, which is very impressive. The speakers’ output is much more clear and louder than before.


This is something the loyal MacBook users are eager to know. The new Macbook Pro with touch bar brings major improvements in the terms of functionality and performance. Faster SSD allows you to access data without sweat. 2.9 GHz Intel i5 processor, 8 GB of Ram, Intel Iris 550 GPU represent everything a general MacBook user can ask for.

However, Apple fans that have higher expectations, and are eager to use this machine for more demanding purposes than internet and music will be a bit disappointed, especially by the fact that the RAM is limited to only 16 GB.

Touch Pad

The textured glass gives a wonderful, smooth sensation. Touch pad works fast, accurate and responsive, which is amazing.



Despite looking brilliantly amazing, being innovative and featherweight laptop, Mac Book Pro’s price of $1793 is way too much for a laptop that runs on processor that is almost outdated, and graphic card that is not as smooth as expected. 16 GB RAM limit makes it even more ridiculous.

Removal of Ports and Memory Card Slot

Now, this is very disappointing.

The only available ports are USB-C ports, which can be quite annoying and stressful. Mac Book Pro’s USB-C ports sentence you to buying countless number of adapters that you will use on your devices. Also, you’re no longer able to plug in your memory card, at least in the memory card slot.

RIP MagSafe

MacBooks have been using this magnetic connector for charging for over a decade, however MacBook pro is no longer using it, which is quite disappointing, as it was a tiny, yet very handy gadget.


With its new, compact, slim design, responsive touch bar and beautiful screen MacBook pro stands out from the ordinary and serves as an indicator that the world is moving towards a new technology era. Despite some downfalls like USB-C ports only and lack of some key features every laptop should possess, it provides top-notch experience starting from general users to developers and gamers. Perhaps it’s not capable of running high-end games on the highest settings, and some advanced-level graphical design, but it will work smoothly for everything else!

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