Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter Review


If you are looking for a device to steam music via Bluetooth then the Logitech WirelessWireless Speaker Adapter is a perfect choice. It is not only simple and convenient but also a superbly reliable device.

Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter Review

Many computers these days are connected to the Hi-Fi systems. The drawback for this is that the sound quality is substandard. However, there is a much better option available in the living room that cannot be used.

But with the advancement in technology, now you can connect all types of high quality music devices like Spotify. The better option these days is to connect to high quality output devices.

This is the main purpose of the Logitech’s new wireless speaker adapter for Bluetooth audio equipment. This is very easy to connect with Hi-Fi, after which it is ready to talk to a PC or phone wirelessly if it is in its range. This device will work with all those audio equipment that can take a stereo or headphone plug input. So now you can easily transmit electronic music to any audio device in your home.

Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter

Simple Connection

Just press the connect button on the Logitech Speaker Adapter and set your phone or computer up to detect Bluetooth devices, then click or tap the Connect button on-screen.

Good Quality

The results were impressive when tested by playing Spotify music from a mobile phone with Onkyo amplifier. You can expect the quality to go down a bit when compared with a source pure as a CD player wired to the amplifier.


It has a range of between 1 to 25 feet in the home environment, and works best when it is placed close to the speaker. Although you will not find any problem when you move it around the corner. It’s up to you to check how well it does when outside but inside home its performance is almost perfect. For wider area, you may have to stay in the same room for the adapter to work.

With this device you will be able to connect many devices such as couple of laptops and a phone but one at a time. That means if your phone is connected then you won’t be able to connect your laptop until the phone has been disconnected.

Cut Cost

This Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter is a very cost effective and will save you bucks from buying an expensive wireless system.

Slim Design

Another great feature of this adapter is its slim design, it won’t take much space on your already crowded power environment. The Bluetooth coupling is also basic, after it is enabled on your phone it will connect with the adapter within seconds producing excellent sound quality.


· Inexpensive

· Good sound quality

· Sleek design

· Nice range


· Wi-Fi sound can never be same as the wired sound.


Considering how cheap this device is, it is a superb choice for any music enthusiast who is in the hunt for best quality sound from a distance or mobile devices. This Wi-Fi speaker adapter works great for viewing films on a laptop or a smartphone.

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