Cheap Computer Speakers: Logitech Speakers Z130 review

Logitech is a name in the field of computer accessories that people trust due to many reasons. Quality is one the reasons behind the increased popularity of Logitech computer accessories. And, when it comes to speakers, they are simply rocking with almost all aspects that include quality, support, sound, etc.

Today, I am going to take you through Logitech Speakers Z130 review. Logitech Z130 speakers are popular among computer users all over the world because of:

· Compact design: A Logitech Z130 speaker is a 2.0 channel multi-media speaker that works perfectly with computers, laptops, iPod, etc. It has left and right speakers in front side and rear side both. Due to compact design and small size, both speakers get fit in a small place. Moreover, there is no hurdle of complex wiring at all.

· Easy setup: It is a plug and play speaker, which does not require any additional software/hardware installation. Simply connect it with your computer or laptop with 3.5 mm jack and you are ready to have fun. It works perfectly on all versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

· Rich stereo sound: Logitech Z130 speaker includes surround sound system that rocks your world. It gives you the total power output of 5 Watts (RMS), which means strong and crisp sound.

· Easy control: You can easily control the volume, as it has sound control in front side.

· Built-in headphone jack: You get the freedom to enjoy in your terms with built-in headphone jack. The computer speaker has a headphone jack in front side. Simply plug the headphone in jack and have fun.

· Support for multiple devices: It does not limit you to laptop or computer. You can connect it with many multi-media devices like iPod, MP3 player, CD player, DVD player, etc. via its 3.5 mm jack.

· Price: With so many qualities, Logitech Z130 speaker should be heavy on your pocket, but the fact is opposite. It is convenient for everyone because of fewer prices.

These are the features of Logitech Z130 speaker. If you go around and ask people who have been using this 2.0 channel speaker, you might not found even one, who is negative about it. For lesser amount, you are getting good sound quality, compact design, tough hardware, 3.5 mm jack, power supply, and 2 years warranty. What else you need? 2 years warranty on hardware is not less for the amount you will pay for Logitech Z130 speaker.

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