Logitech renewed its line of multimedia speakers for home

Logitech has officially presented their new series of speakers designed for the home, three of them, with a very nice-looking design, excellent materials and incredible sound quality. Unlike previous speakers from this brand, the new models not only feature incredible specs, but also an excellent design.


We talked about it yesterday in our article “The best speakers for 150 Euros or less”, where we reviewed the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox, a device that, while being designed with a different public in mind, shows what Logitech is capable of in this regard.

The first one, the Logitech z200, will be available in black and white, has a power of 10 watts and great bass; while it’s very well-designed, it’s nothing too uncommon. The two 2.5-inch speakers are powerful enough for the sound to reach every corner of even the biggest room. You can also connect your Smartphone or any other device thanks to its 3.5-mm plug.

The Logitech z150, on the other hand, is a mid-level speaker with a maximum power of 6 watts, more than enough to enjoy our games and movies, the company said.


The Logitech z50 offers and excellent design and a great performance despite its size, with a power of 10 watts, a single 2.25-inch speaker and the usual 3.5-millimeter port.

These multimedia speakers will hit the market in a few more weeks in Europe and they will cost 29.99, 19.99 and 19.99 dollars, respectively, not bad for a brand new series of speakers. The mid-level model is, in our opinion, the weakest of the three, since it doesn’t have the great specs of the high-end model or the affordable price of the low-end one.

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