Logitech presents the Z600 bluetooth Speakers for Mac

We demand more of our speakers each day. A good sound quality is not enough; we also want them to be nice-looking and wireless, capable of connecting to a vast array of devices. Today, the new Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600, a set of speakers featuring wireless connection, has been released. Its design makes it clear they’re meant to be used with Mac computers.

Like I said before, the Z600 have a unique design and feature Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the user to link them to up to three different devices and select a different configuration for each. This makes sharing your music or listening to a videoconference from your mobile phone, tablet or computer much easier.

Each of these three-way speakers offers great sound quality, and several options like the volume, Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack connections and a battery indicator can be accessed via a touch screen on the upper part of the right speaker. You can increase or decrease the volume by dragging your finger across the border. Also, the cable is flat so it doesn’t get in the way or anything. They have paid attention to every detail, and even the power cord has been carefully designed: flat cables connect the speakers to the power charger, avoiding the always messy tangled cables in your desktop.

Logitech Z600

The Z600 Bluetooth speakers from Logitech also include a Bluetooth USB receptor, since the tradition Bluetooth connection doesn’t allow for more than one device connected to the speakers at the same time. They also feature a standard 3.5 mm jack to connect any common device to them. They will cost approximately $149 and will be available this August.

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