Loewe Speaker 2go Portable Speakers Released

Despite portable speakers not being seen too frequently on the streets, several manufacturers are constantly releasing new models. Loewe now joins them releasing a wireless model called Loewe Speaker 2go.

It is a 2.1 system featuring Bluetooth connectivity as well as NFC, compatible with Apt-X, and it can work as a hand-free thanks to its microphone.Loewe Speaker 2go
Its design is simple, but a lot of detail has gone into it. It’s made of alluminuim, it weighs 1.3 kg and with a movement on the upper part you can activate the Table Stand Flex system, which tilts the unit 7.5 degrees.

Inside it, we can find two 10-watt speakers and a 20-watt subwoofer, with a Bass Reflex device integrated into it. It has two lithim batteries which can keep the unit working for 8 hours. It also has a 3.5 mm plug and a USB port to charge mobile devices.

Loewe Speaker 2go is available in two colors, black and silver, and includes a two-sided bag. This means we have a device in perfect condition, which delivers a great sound quality and with very interesting features, ready to use without the need to purchase anything else, no won sale for 395 USD.

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