Hercules WAE BTP02, Bluetooth speaker for smartphones

Tablets and smart phones have become the devices in which we spend the most time listening to music on.  The new Hercules WAE BTP02 is proof of this.

To get with the times and enjoy the best possible audio quality, there have been several options; from dock bases to wireless speakers, such as the Hercules WAE BTP02.

Hercules WAE BTP02

This 25-watt WAE BTP02 speaker from Hercules boasts not only an impeccable design (available in black and white), but also a top-notch fidelity and a very nice bass level. We can synchronize it with our mobile device and even remotely turn it on or off with the free app WAE, (available for Android and iOS). Synchronizing our phone is as simple as turning the Bluetooth on and pressing a button.

It has a 10-meter range and features a 3.5 mm jack female plug, which can be used to plug external devices to it. Its 20-hour battery life makes it possible to enjoy our music without having to charge it for long periods of time.

The good,
> Great sound quality and bass level.
> Synchronizing it with your mobile device is very simple

The Bad:
> It is quite pricey

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