Gigabyte GP-S3000: New USB 3.0 Computer Speakers

Gigabyte is a reputable manufacturer in the field of motherboards and graphics cards, but as many know it for computer peripherals. Now they enter the audio realm with these speakers: Gigabyte GP-S3000. The main feature (so curious) is that they require a USB 3.0 port to operate. I explain the reasons:

USB 3.0 is well known for its high rate of data transfer, but what few people know, is that it’s also able to provide a higher current than the predecessor, USB 2.0. It provides up to 500 milliamps, compared to the 900 that USB 3.0 provides — almost double. This is why USB 3.0 ports are capable of feeding components with high energy requirements, such as the Gigabyte GP-S3000 speakers, more powerful than normal for USB peripherals (the latter is an assumption, since otherwise it would make no sense to require a USB 3.0 port).

Gigabyte GP-S3000

Currently technical characteristics, availability, and price for these computer speakers aren’t known. Other than the name and USB 3.0, we can only infer features, like touch controls located on top of the speakers, based on leaked photos.

We will have to wait for the official launch Gigabyte do the same for all the details, but the truth is that paint quite well.

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