Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite Speakers System Review

The Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite System is one of the best subwoofer systems you will find in low price range speakers. These speakers are really good, with crisp sound and beautiful mids, these speakers will immerse you into the music. Another fantastic addition is the subwoofer which gives you very strong bass while making some wonderful combinations.


The Cyber Acoustic System will exceed your expectations in terms of performance. It is not that common to find such a low cost product performing at such a high level. It delivers on all fronts, with great and clear sound, deep bass and clean highs. You will enjoy watching movies on Netflix or listening to Pandora tunes. It works equally good for all types of music such as rock, hip-hop, jazz, classical and pop. Each sound that comes out of this system is dynamic and very clear. Especially for students who cannot afford expensive sound systems, Cyber Acoustic is ideal. As in great price you get more than decent sound.

Even for the musicians, who usually have a pretty picky ear, will be pleased with the Cyber Acoustic. You will also enjoy its subwoofer quality and control for adjusting volume and bass. It produces very high sound, normally 25% volume will be enough for you but if you are having a party than this Subwoofer Satellite System will rock the place. Everything about the sound system feels great. You can also set your own EQ settings but it feels perfect even without changing it. It sounds amazing in every environment playing games on a console, watching a movie, listening to music or playing jam tracks.


Sound Wheel: This Acoustic System has got a sound wheel that you can set on your table or desk and it with this you can turn the speakers on or off. It can also be used for volume and Bass adjustment. Another nice addition on the wheel is a Headphone Jack IN and an AUX IN, these features allow you to plug in your iPods and Headphones in an easy manner. It gives you bonus of extra jacks, now you don’t need to unplug your speakers from your computer systems.

The plastic stand for iPod is another cool feature that helps in clearing a small space for your Mp3 player on the desk.

The Cons

There is nothing bad to say about the Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite Speakers System because in such a low price you won’t find any system that will come close to it. If you are too critical you might say that it doesn’t produce a great sound when you set it at very high volume. You might find sound little distorted when super loud.


In my review, I’ll give the Cyber Subwoofer system a perfect rating considering its features and low price. This sound system is highly recommend for everyone and at the price of less than $100, it’s a bargain.

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