Creative Airwave and Airwave HD, portable Bluetooth speakers

Creative Airwave

Creative their two new wireless speakers, Airwave and Airwave HD, designed so you can listen to your music everywhere. These two portable models are available in several different vivid colors, which make them fun and perfect devices to take with you wherever you go.

As usual, your mobile phone, MP3 or tablet can be connected via Bluetooth so the speaker plays the music in your device. What’s new is that the Airwave and Airwave HD support NFC connectivity as well, so connecting your devices is even faster and easier. To connect a device via Bluetooth, first the speaker has to locate the device, then the connection must be established and lastly you have to input a security code. On the other hand, with NFC, all you have to do is get the device near the speakers.

Creative Airwave

To make the speakers easier to carry around, you can use a microUSB charger, like many smart phones, except the iPhone, use. In case you have of these phones, you have to take one more cable with you and you can also use the phone’s USB charger. Also, the Creative Airwave HD feature something called Creative Multipoint that allows us to connect to devices to the speakers simultaneously, so different people can connect and share their music without having to disconnect a device in order to play music from another one.

As for the sound quality, the integrated amplifier, known as Creative Super Charged the HD version features, supposedly is capable of offering a much better quality than most similar devices. The Airwave has the audio aptX codec, while the Airwave HD has not only this, but also the AAC codec, which translates into better sound quality. The lithium-ion of these devices lasts 7 hours. They’re designed to be tilted 30º so, according to the manufacturer, the sound is projected straight at the user.

The Creative Airwave and Creative Airwave HD are compatible with Android and iOS, although they also should work without an issue with MP3 and portable players, as long as they feature Bluetooth connectivity, and NFC too, in case they feature this kind of connectivity as well. It also has an integrated microphone so you can use the device as a practical and useful hands-free device.

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