Hercules WAE BTP02, Bluetooth speaker for smartphones

Tablets and smart phones have become the devices in which we spend the most time listening to music on.  The new Hercules WAE BTP02 is proof of this. To get with the times and enjoy the best possible audio quality, there have been several options; from dock bases to wireless speakers, such as the Hercules […]

Tum Tum, bluetooth headphones with external speakers

Tum Tum is a Spanish company Headphone System that integrates Bluetooth technology, external speaker and handsfree phone in a single device. Each also includes cable for devices that do not have this wireless technology. Tum Tum headphones are finished in leather, both pads lining the capsule and headband. Also, comes with a travel case and […]

Headphones that recommend music according to your mood

A Japanese company called Neurowear developed headphones which recommend music according to your mood. What is interesting is the method used, because they get in your thoughts and discuss what your subconscious wants to hear. Based on real-time reading of your brainwaves, the headset recognizes your current emotions and generates a playlist based on them. […]