BTP03 And BTP03 Mini: Two new wireless speakers and microphone

With bluetooth technology, music is becoming more comfortable. For example, we can link a ‘smartphone’ and speaker, and still use the phone normally while music plays. Hercules has created a very recommendable product in this category, as well as an even more manageable mini version.

The normal version BTP03 measures 23.5 inches and incorporates a battery that offers 15 hours, the Mini BTP03 is smaller at 6.3 inches, with a duration of about 14 hours. The 12 watts RMS of the BTP03 ensure good quality audio, and both versions incorporate microphones to speak directly via handsfree.

You can also connect the speaker to a hifi system (using a mini-jack cable) and turn it into a Bluetooth receiver for disseminating all the music on your smartphone or tablet through a hi-fi system.

Multipoint A2DP Bluetooth technology allows you to connect two phones at the same time and switch between them in seconds. To control the speaker, Hercules has developed the “WAE Remote”, an application that supports both iOS (4.0 and above) and Android (2.2 and higher).

The BTP03 will be available from June 2013 at a suggested retail price of 129.99 euros (VAT included). The BTP03 Mini, available in black, orange, red and pink, will be available from June 2013, at a suggested retail of only 79.99 euros (VAT included).


  • mini speakers microphone says:

    It only takes holding down the power button, then pressing OK when my tab asks if I want to pair up.
    If you happen to observe the passengers with care, you will discover headphones never go away in
    your sight. There are many different choices for i – Phone
    FM transmitters, so be sure to shop around.

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