Bluetune: a portable speaker which also acts as a handsfree speaker phone

Divoom has launched a new portable speaker with a built-in microphone, which provides a handsfree function when you make or receive calls. The speakers employ a Bluetooth connection to access the sound files to be played instead of a cable connection.

Divoom started the year presenting several portable speaker designs with minimalistic tendencies. On Monday, the company launched a new speaker model, the Bluetune, which is only compatible with ‘tablets’ and ‘smartphones’ and aimed at a young audience that likes to have quick and easy access to music anywhere.

This new speaker model is characterized by the addition of a microphone inside the device which allows it to also act as a hands-free system to connect with smartphones. Thus, if the user is listening to music through their cell phone and receives a call, they can answer through the speaker itself without having to take the terminal.
Bluetune only has Bluetooth 2.1 which offers data transmission within a range of 10 meters and a lower power consumption, helping to provide up to 8 hours of battery life per charge of the lithium ion battery.
With 4W of power and through the sound system patented PO-Bass, the speaker offers a loud sound with clear bass and high quality. In case you need even more power, the Bluetune Solo can also be used as a Bluetooth receiver, connecting it to a mini stereo or stereo through the integrated audio output (aux-out 3.5mm).

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