Best Computer Speakers 2016

Every laptop even some desktop now comes with built-in speakers and some models even include stereo speakers, but these speakers don’t do any justice to your music or gaming experience. They are absolutely fine for hearing sound beeps and alerts but when it comes to listening music and games, you certainly need a more capable dedicated music system. Self powered music systems can be your easiest choice that you can simply plug-in to your PC’s audio output and listen to the music.

The market is flooded with a wide range of computer speakers in terms of quality and price, but the choice of testing each one before purchasing your audio system has always remained limited due to practical difficulties. Here we give you a few advices for helping you to decide the best computer speakers for your laptop or desktop.

2.0, 2.1 or Surround Sound?

The first step of choosing the right speaker for you is to understand the basic terminologies. The stereo speakers contain two speakers for the left and the right channel audio. The 2.1 or two plus one speaker system includes a subwoofer besides the left and right speakers while the surround sound systems contain five to seven speakers with a dedicated subwoofer. The subwoofers are used to reproduce deep bass frequencies that are less than 100 Hz. At the reasonable volumes, the special effects of the films like explosions are reinforced and different music such as analog synths, bass guitars, kick drums, orchestras and many other instrumental music get depth by a solid subwoofer. However, there are many stereo speakers like Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System that sound just great without any dedicated subwoofer as they can effectively handle low and mid frequencies (100 Hz to 1KHz) and bass response because they include woofers that is drivers for handling such frequencies.

The bass response is less in case the stereo pair is smaller or contains only one driver. The surround sound systems contain a stereo pair, a dedicated subwoofer, a central speaker that is used for channeling movie dialogues, and two rear speakers for special effects and sounds that seem to be coming from behind. The surround systems greatly enhance your movie experience, and if you watch a lot of movies and can tolerate the speaker wires, you can choose the surround system. However, most of the PC surrounds systems are designed for the gaming experience. Some of the best gaming surrounds systems are Altec Lansing, Logitech, and Razer. Some of them even come with headsets. If you don’t want to hear any special effects, you can simply choose a simple stereo pair. However, a two plus one speaker also lets you hear a deep bass rumble of the movie besides being a very affordable option. The latest wireless speakers are quite good and attractive option if you keep on moving your laptop and don’t like to disconnect the speaker jacks each time you move your laptop around the house.

Our Recommend:

With increasing technological innovations, now the low-cost  speakers also reproduce quite good music. If you’re hard-pressed for budget, you can choose to slice your budget in the range of $50 to $500 for a speaker set. Fortunately when we tested the speakers, even some of the best speakers started with the price tag of $100.

2.1 Stereo Speakers + Subwoofer

1, Logitech Speaker System Z623

Logitech Speaker System Z623 is one of our current favorite pair of 2.1 PC speakers overall, at a affordable price, just $99, you’ll get a sweet-sounding and powerful PC audio. Logitech’s speaker systems are certified by THX which are known for reproducing movie effects. However, Z623 is also an equally good speaker system for music, which has a very thunderous subwoofer most suitable for party lovers. The music can be scaled down for rather refined settings.


  • 200 watts of room-filling power
  • Quick-access RCA and 3.5mm inputs for up to three audio devices
  • On-speaker volume and bass dials give you instant command over your listening experience
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2, Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

Harman is a very reputed name in speaker technology. Besides the stunning design, Harman kardon® SoundSticks II earned a milestone in history to become a permanent collection of City’s Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The legendary Harman’s latest speaker system as Harman Kardon Soundsticks III has released. This new system includes eight 1-inch full range transducers with plug and play capability to almost any multimedia system. The clarity of sound is equally matched with a perfect industrial design. The expected launch has generated a lot of excitement among movie and gaming enthusiast, particularly with its great look with least wiring.


  • 3.5mm stereo audio connection
  • Power Rating (Subwoofer): 20 watts RMS per channel
  • Touch controls for volume and mute
  • Controls on subwoofer: Bass Level, Power, Controls on satellites (specify channel): Volume
  • Inspiring Industrial Design
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2.0 Stereo Speakers

Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System

Even though Bose Companion consists of only two speakers, but the accompanying TrueSpace® technology allows it to reproduce the full range of natural sounds giving you a very thrilling experience, whether you are sitting on the screen or across the room. Anyone experiencing the rich sounds with excellent low note reproduction might look around for a subwoofer, but there is none to be found as Bose Companion comes with least connections. All the frequencies are reproduced with just two sleek looking speakers.


  • Sleek, space-saving design
  • 3.5mm stereo audio connection
  • Control pod for volume, with single-touch mute.
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Bose Companion 2 Series II Multimedia Speaker System ($89)

Bose Companion 2 is one of the best speakers in the stereo speaker segment. At the quite affordable price of $89, it provides a very good choice for improving performance over conventional speaker systems. The Companion 2 systems create a sound effect that it seems that the sound is coming beyond the speakers. The spacious soundstage can be clearly noticeable if you are sitting near your computer. The system reproduces better lower frequencies than any other computer sound systems you might have experienced in this segment.


  • Ported cabinet design
  • 3.5mm stereo audio connection
  • Volume control on speaker.
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Wireless Computer Speaker
Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

Now that the latest wireless speakers actually sound good, it’s something to consider—especially if you’re prone to moving your laptop around the house, and don’t want to constantly disconnect and connect your speakers.

The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speakers are wireless speaker systems that can connect to almost any portable device such as Android, Apple and Blackberry or your laptop to provide a very rich content of music where you want and when you want. This system is equipped with proprietary speaker technologies and highly specified driver configuration that allows this lightweight system to produce such a deep and full range of sounds.


  • Highly portable design: the speakers are very small can fit in any backpack or traveling bag and weight merely 2.9lbs.
  • The wireless range of the speakers is 30 feet, which allow you to roam with your devices around the room besides providing portable versatility to the speaker itself.
  • The self-powered  speakers are equipped with the rechargeable batteries that power the speakers up to nine hours.
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Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Creative D100 is all you need if you are looking at a very affordable Wireless Speaker. The speakers are supported by award winning Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your laptops, Smartphone and mobile devices that are A2DP-enabled. The creative’s name is enough to ensure the quality and Creative D100 boasts with highly portable design and full-range  drivers that make it the perfect choice for outdoor parties and enjoying at the beach. The speakers are compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled devices, PCs and Macs and give a choice of four colors.

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Surround Sound Speakers

Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System Z906

Logitech’s latest flagship 5.1 speaker Systems provide you a perfect choice for nerves raising thunderous THX certified speakers that you can use as your home theatre. The new system upgrades the prevailing 5.1 speakers in style and performance. This speaker system should be your choice for a good surround-sound system as the 5.1 channels discreetly reproduce every footstep, tire squeal and rumble of the movie.
The Z906 is a reintroduction of older Z-5500 in a modern look and design, but the technical specifications are almost the same with 500 watts of power among satellite speakers and 165 watts dedicated subwoofer. If you are looking for an upgrade to a 5.1 speaker system, this is certainly going to be your first choice.


  • 5.1 digital surround sound:
  • THX-certified home theater speakers
  • 500 watts (RMS) of power:
  • Easy sound control
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  • star says:

    isn’t the aktimate mini and the iq52 better

  • tomons says:

    Consider Bose Companion 5. I owned a Bose Companion 5, an HK Soundstick III and a Klipsh Promedia 2.1 and Bose beat tnem all. The HK STIII is weak-sounding while the Klipsh’s is unimpressive with a bass that’s lumbering and directionless. Bose’s C5’s sound is more precise, detailed and sweet.

  • Hat says:

    I was just wondering which would be better ; Logitech 2.1 Speaker System Z623 or Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 THX speakers?

    I want to buy my boyfriend some speakers that are reasonably priced where the audio quality is really good for listening to music and watching video’s etc?

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