Beolab 14: Minimalist speakers with surround sound

In Neoteo we are music lovers and we are in the endless search of the best music, with all the ambiguity and subjectivity that implies. So, as we have to play de ideal music, the technique comes to the game and when talking about the fidelity of the sound, the toughness of physics kicks the board of relativity. Searching between some speakers of high spectrum we found the Beolab 14, offering minimalist surround sound without forgetting esthetics, with a design that will make you feel like you are in a modern museum while you hear it like you are in a movie theater. Will is work as good as it looks?

Modern homes have demonstrated that technology adapts to them as well as as they adapt to it, providing wide spaces a range of pastels colors that receive sharp borders of electronic furniture with total satisfaction. Televisions have taken the first steps regarding elegant designs, taking minimalism as the design’s philosophy. It has been added to this electronic devices, being audio equipment one of the most versatile when it come to décor with utility. From this parts the interest for speakers that double as design pieces, interrupting the monotony of conventional formats and counts as auditive and visual enjoyment. On the minimalist speakers with surround sound BeoLab 14 of Bang & Olufsen we see this mixture of good level, and because of it we say don’t “eat with the eyes” and we set our ears to see how good it sounds.

To start getting close to the minimalist speakers with surround sound we encountered the technical qualities on both kits in this presentation. The first one counts with a subwoofer and 4 satellites, specially design for those with a television of the same brand , Bang & Olufsen, that acts as the principal speaker. If you don’t count with this, you can acquire the version with one more satellite. The power of this minimalist speakers is given by an 280 watts amplifier, energetically holding a bass center of 51 cm x 29.3 cm and 8 inches facing the floor and a bass-reflex tube of gran extension. The acoustic performance allows the right development of signals, that can be covered with environmental EQ (in base of the dimensions of the living room) Additionally, the digital processing system haves the adaptive bass technology “Adaptive Bass Linearisation”.

Beolab 14

4.1 The model approaches the horizontal speaker Bang & Olufsen a TV

The five speakers of 30 cm x 12.4 y 75.2 x 18 cm that complete the audio system with a 2.5 inch drivers and each has the individual amplifiers of 140 W.The design is on sight, and the aluminum frame cools and gives an elegant touch to the speakers, that are a design piece to any modern home. If white doesn’t convince you, the fabric covers come in various colors of your choice. Bang & Olufsen is not a brand known for being “accessible” and always goes for the high spectrum consumer, although, with the Beolab 14 it looks like it has chosen to low the performance and price a bit to raise the music and film lover fan base with a taste of art. Right now you can get the 4.1 package (saying, using a television of the same brand like principal speaker) for 3995 dollars. On the other hand, version 5.1 has a value of 4395 dollars. In conclusion, you will be satisfied with the audio level, it will look very good in the living room and compared to the usual brand products, the speakers are economic.

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