Audioengine A2 Premium Powered Speakers Review


All of you stereo gadgets fans will be happy to hear that Audioengine A2 premium powered speakers have already hit the market and at relatively suitable price. You will not have to reach too deep inside your pocket to equip your living room, lobby or bed room with a set of fine neatly designed speakers sporting some of the latest technology specs found on the audio market nowadays.

Audioengine A2 speakers have grown up in the cradle of Hong Kong’s Company – Audioengine Corporation. Starting with Far East, these speakers made their breakthrough on the market until they reached worldwide population in the matter of days since their official release.

Audioengine A2 premium powered speakers come in robust master cartoon, packed along with transport bags of medium quality. These can come really handy if you get to carry your speakers around from point A to point B, without risking them to be damaged with any of external factors, i.e. weather conditions, physical impact, etc.

Besides these two bags, containing the speakers themselves, there are two additional bags one of which contains power adapter. The last bag, but not the least, contains cables for interconnecting your speakers with two mini-jack audio cables in two different sizes; small and long. Naturally, setup guide with brief instructions is provided within the box.

Appearance, design and setup

Audioengine A2 speakers are not gigantic at the first sight, as most of the 3rd gen audio-stereo gadgets seem to be these days. However, don’t let their appearance trick you as they can reach frequency ranging from 65Hz to 22 kHz. For those non-familiars with “techy” expressions, this is more than enough to wire your living room, bed room, office and dorm room with a sound to disturb you neighbors without amplifying at the maximum.

As for the design, you will notice they have paid certain amount of attention at the design of these speakers at Audioengine. They are compact with appealing design coming in two basic colors – black and white. Surface of the speakers is covered with 18mm thick medium density fiberboard, also known by abbreviation of MDF, which is made of resin bound woodchips. The connectors at the back of the left speaker, sporting 60 Watts strong RMS, are well laid out with 17.5 VDC power adapter jack, two wiring posts, and a volume control switch.

Talking about the volume control, we can check one downside for Audioengine A2 speakers. The fact you have to reach the rear of your left speaker to put your volume up or down, will not be found entertaining by many people; unless you keep your speakers facing the wall in front of you.


Audioengine A2 premium powered speakers are great investment if you want to get yourself pair of strong, convenient and neatly designed speakers for your house or office. They are great to be used within the bedroom or as mobile support for your poorly-amplified laptop speakers. Average price of $199.00 seems to be fair for these little devils with whole series of features and great sound quality packed inside so small space.

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