Yamaha PDX-B11, portable wireless speaker

The Yamaha PDX-B11 has just been made available to the public. This portable wireless speaker is available in four colors: blue, orange, gray and black. It’s a superior design compared to the PDX-11: just as resistant but with more features. The original octagonal form is now improved with a metallic handle to easily carry it around. It weights only one kilogram and a half. A metallic grid protects the speakers’ cones; it has a nice industrial look thanks to the screws that keep the frame set over the grid. It’s set over four small rubber supports.

Yamaha PDX-B11

Inside its octagonal case, a system of speakers with a 10-centimeret woofer and a 3.5-centimerer tweeter can be found. The buttons are in the upper part; they are the power button, two volume control buttons, and lastly the Bluetooth button. There are also two luminous displays (green and blue), that show the status of the device. The buttons are covered with a special plastic to protect them from the dust and dirt.

The Bluetooth connectivity is the 2.1 version, and it operates under the EDR / A2DP profile, which can transmit stereo sound. By the way, the compatible audio codecs are AAC and SBC. For it work wirelessly, you must link the device to a smart phone or other Bluetooth device, before using it for the first time. You can link to up to eight Bluetooth devices at the same time, like mobile phones, tablets or laptops; however, you can only play music from only one device at a time.

Yamaha PDX-B11

Thanks to its audio input with minijack plug (3.5 mm), located in the back, you can connect any other device to it. You only have to connect any device to it and start playing the music. If you do this while playing music via Bluetooth, the audio of both devices will play at the same time. Weird.

You can connect to it a power socket with the power cable, or use six AA, which you can easily find anywhere. The batteries can keep it going for up to 6 hours. The battery compartment is located at the bottom. Its size: 210 x 237 x 240 millimeters. The Yamaha PDX-B11 is now available in stores for approximately 139 Dollars on Amazon.

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