X-Mini II, the best portable speaker for your iPhone or iPad

The default speakers incorporated in portable devices tend to give very unsatisfactory results when we need a bit of quality from them. This is normal, since Apple is known for slick, portable devices, which makes it necessary to reduce sizes, and therefore quality, as much as possible.

X-Mini II Speakers

The X-mini II is a small portable speaker that can be connected directly to a 3.5-millimeter jack. We were surprised of its quality, especially considering its reduced size.

Plastic-made and available in nine beautiful colors, the X-mini II features a nicely textured body. It has a grid in the upper part decorated with the company’s logo, which protects the speaker from possible damage. The cable can be found in the lower part, perfectly coiled in a small compartment especially designed for this.

At the sides of the X-Mini II we can find its turn on/off switch, volume control, and an audio input to connect it to other X-Mini II speakers or earphones. Lastly, its USB port allows us to charge its powerful 12-hour battery.

We we turn on the X-Mini II, a LED located in the lower part will tell us it is ready for use. Then, we just have to connect it via the 3.5-millimeter jack to enjoy our music. Our first impression of the X-Mini II is very good; since it offers greater sound quality and dynamic range tan the iPhone/iPad’s default speakers.

The X-Mini II features a bellow-like mechanism to emphasize the low-frequency sounds, allowing for better-quality, more powerful sound. This system is known as Bass Xpansion System (BXS) and it works impeccably well, perfect for listening to our favorite music without forgetting the bass is also there.

X-Mini II Speakers

When we turned up the volume to the maximum level, the bass the X-Mini II emits is capable to move its small 83-gram body, a fantastic weight for a portable speaker, which makes it possible to take it with us anywhere.

And when we’re finished with it, we can close the BXS system in just a few seconds and keep the X-Mini II inside its protective cover, which keeps dust and dirt away from it.

The only detail we didn’t like about the X-Mini II is its cable, which is too short and can limit its functioning with some devices, such as iOS phones/tablets, MP3 players or any other device which uses a 3.5-mm jack.

The best part: You only need to spend 18$ in one of the best portable speakers you can get for your iPhone or iPad.

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