Wireless Speakers at Home

In many homes, the music no longer comes from your stereo, but almost invisible boxes or cubes elegant color: despite its small size, Wireless speakers have an amazing sound quality. But installation can be a torture for the novice.

Today, many who do not have a disk shelf, preferring to keep their music on a hard drive. This not only saves the shelf, but also bulky stereo. But music is not played directly on the laptop or smartphone, due to its poor quality. This is where they place the wireless speakers, which provide music wirelessly from the network and the stereo quality reproduced. Wireless is abbreviation for “wireless local area network” or “wireless local area”.

These systems consist of a box which does not necessarily have the appearance of a classic loudspeaker. There ADSL speakers are cone-shaped, while others seem smallish columns. The music comes from a smartphone, MP3 player, laptop or hard drive on your home network. In any case, all that matters is that the laptop and the music source connected to the same Wireless.

“The WLAN transmission is very stable and uninterrupted flow while the speaker is within the range of the router,” says Roland Stehle, of the German association of the electronics industry of entertainment and communications (GFU).

WLAN transmission is also, in terms of quality, far superior to other wireless transmission standards. “The usual procedures audio transmission via WLAN no loss, ie, can play CD-quality music,” explained Bernhard Rietschel, director of the German magazine “Audio”. “Bluetooth, and especially the traditional rule A2DP, work with a remarkable data reduction, which inevitably results in a marked deterioration of sound quality.”

Currently, wireless speakers allow music streaming through two ways. One of them, Airplay, is a method for iTunes and Apple devices, custom designed for streaming music over a local network or a wireless network WLAN. Installation is very simple, “In principle sufficient that the device transmitter and receiver are connected to the same network,” said Rietschel. But not every speaker brings Airplay support. In contrast, the other track, the DLNA standard, reaches nearly all speakers, smartphones and network hard drives. In this case, the music is played through free applications provided by the manufacturer of the speaker.

But the installation using the DLNA standard is not as easy as with Airplay. Here we reveal the disadvantages of this beautiful speaker devoid of other added: “Since the speakers lack a screen itself, the installation can only be done by a third way,” said Rietschel. Users who are not working with computer networks will meet difficulties here.

But who already have a home network can install audio speakers in every room. “Both the solution as the standard Airplay DLNA offer the ability to connect speakers in any room you want,” says Stehle. Thus music can sound at the same time in the bathroom, in the kitchen and bedroom. The sound quality more wins when all devices from the same manufacturer and are managed by the same application.

But a speaker with good sound quality WLAN need not be expensive: in a test conducted last February by the German magazine “Computerbild”, three of seven speakers up to 350 euros reached the note “good”. In models from two 400 euros, the sound quality is almost guaranteed. In the test, the seven candidates achieved a rating of “good” sound quality in the business.

In the test, among the most expensive models were victors Raumfeld systems M and L Raumfeld manufacturer Teufel, with prices between 600 and 1,300 euros. The adjective “good” it was also the model of Zipp Libratone, for 400 euros. In the lower price segment, won the model Pioneer XW-SMA3 (300 euros), while the second and third places were occupied by the A5 Fidelio Philips and LG ND8520, both for 350 euros.

WLAN and Bluetooth Besides, almost all devices tested for USB connection also have alternative. However, almost none was provided a built-in battery so that the speaker would work well on a laptop.

In any case, although the sound sounds fine, none of these speakers WLAN quality reaches a normal speaker. “The limiting factor compared to a stereo, this is the short distance between the speakers left and right,” said Rietschel, director of the magazine “Audio”.

Some manufacturers try to overcome this deficiency by electronic tricks, but for a trained ear, full stereo sound is heard differently. In this, except WLAN systems were high price level, as the two winners of the manufacturer Teufel: consist of two boxes that can be installed separately from each other.

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