The new Roccat Kave XTD is now available in Europe

Official retailers in Spain have announced that the German company Roccat has released the Roccat Kave XTD headset in all of Europe. This high-end device has been completely redesigned to offer a never before seen product to gamers everywhere.

The device features a 5.1 sound card to offer very powerful and vivid surround sound, so you can hear your enemies before even seeing them, giving you an edge in games. This is possible thanks to its two 40-mm speakers with a 30-mm vibration unit that perfectly adapt to your ears and offer the best possible sound quality.

Roccat Kave XTD

Through the multi-channel remote controller, you can turn the volume up or down, mute, change between stereo and 5.1 modes and choose between one of the many presets (games, movies, music and more) so you can make the most out of the Roccat Kave XTD. One of the best features is the Bluetooth connectivity along with the ROCCAT SMART LINK system that allows you to link your device to your Smartphone so you can answer your calls while you’re gaming, watching a movie or listening to music, thus allowing you to keep your attention in the game and answering your calls without having to use your hands.

It also includes a high-quality flexible microphone with a LED that shows if it’s ON or OFF. The headset has been carefully designed to be comfortable even after long game play sessions, since they weigh only 335 grams and have cushioned leather ear pads.

Also, the Roccat Kave XTD are compatible with 5.1 speaker systems, since you can choose if you want the sound to come out through the speakers or the headset with a button. This way, you can switch between 5.1 speakers and the headset quickly and easily.

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