The Bluetooth speaker of 2016 now has more power

The Ultimate Ears Boom has been one of the best Bluetooth speakers 2014. Its creators just upgraded their device. The name change, UE Megaboom, already indicated where this is heading for. It is the same speaker but bigger, stronger and more powerful.

In fact, the UE Megaboom looks exactly like a larger version of its predecessor, but very similar in size. This photo gives you an idea of its size.

It also offers the same sound at 360 degrees of its predecessor, though considerably more powerful. The device can be used independently by either iOs or Android applications, or pair it with another Ultimate Ears to mount a positional stereo two-speaker system.

The UE Megaboom has also more resistance. Now it is an IPX7 device, which in other words means that it withstands water immersion down to one meter of water for half an hour, but frankly we don’t know exactly how anyone can want to use a Bluetooth speaker in the pool. The battery is rechargeable; it lasts 20 hours according to the manufacturer, and it is charged through a simple MicroUSB port.

Although technically it is a rather large loudspeaker to be considered as a pocket device, the UE Megaboom weighs only 816 grams. Ultimate Ears launched this new version of its already excellent speaker for $300. It’s a pretty expensive price, but the quality justifies it.

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