Panasonic Speakers

Panasonic SC-NA30 and SC-NA10, speakers for smartphones and tablets

The SC-NA30 and the SC-NA10 are the two newest speakers from Panasonic. They’re very small and designed to be used indoors and outdoors alike. These portable speakers can work even far away from the power plug thanks to the internal lithium-ion battery. They’re ideal for any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity, like smartphones or tablets. […]

Panasonic SC-NP10: new Bluetooth speaker system for tablets

Panasonic SC-NP10: a new Bluetooth speaker system for tablets. There are many options in the market of external speakers for mobile phones, but hardly any for tablets. The popularity of these devices requires manufacturers to launch new products like the Panasonic SC-NP10, a speaker system for tablets. During this month we have seen many device […]