Bluetooth speakers

The Bluetooth speaker of 2016 now has more power

The Ultimate Ears Boom has been one of the best Bluetooth speakers 2014. Its creators just upgraded their device. The name change, UE Megaboom, already indicated where this is heading for. It is the same speaker but bigger, stronger and more powerful. In fact, the UE Megaboom looks exactly like a larger version of its […]

Antec AMP SP1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

About a month ago, we presented our analysis of the Antec AMP SP Zero and now it’s the turn of his older brother, the AMP SP1. As said in the Zero review, the AMP Antec division is relatively new on the market, but the quality of their products is outstanding. Antec has made sure that […]

Best Bluetooth Wireless Speakers 2014

Among the best bluetooth speakers 2013, there are plenty to choose: from portable devices to carry around everywhere to powerful audio systems designed to reign in our living room. Say goodbye to wires and enjoy the best sound wirelessly. #1 Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speakers Audiophiles do not conform to any sound system, and this […]

Pioneer adds NFC connectivity in their new wireless speaker

Pioneer Electronics has announced the XW-BTSA1, a Bluetooth wireless speaker designed to be used indoors. This is the first time ever a Pioner speaker features NFC (Near-Field Communications) connectivity, that makes connectivity between a vast array of compatible devices quick and simple. The XW-BTSA1 features an elegant design and full-range speakers and tweeters (speakers for […]

Yamaha PDX-B11, portable wireless speaker

The Yamaha PDX-B11 has just been made available to the public. This portable wireless speaker is available in four colors: blue, orange, gray and black. It’s a superior design compared to the PDX-11: just as resistant but with more features. The original octagonal form is now improved with a metallic handle to easily carry it […]

AEG LB 4713 Bluetooth Speakers Review

The truth is that the device with operating systems with Android are behind other devices when it comes to peripherals . Practically finding speakers with, android base is very complicated compared with Apple, for example. There are synchronized bases, and even in Nexus 7 or Galaxy Nexus devices, there are pogo bases , so, bases […]

Hercules WAE BTP02, Bluetooth speaker for smartphones

Tablets and smart phones have become the devices in which we spend the most time listening to music on.  The new Hercules WAE BTP02 is proof of this. To get with the times and enjoy the best possible audio quality, there have been several options; from dock bases to wireless speakers, such as the Hercules […]