New Portable Speakers for the summer of 2013

New Portable SpeakersThe latest wirless speakers can be connected to your pone via Bluetooth, and even NFC, and some even feature special features for use in the car.

With the upcoming holidays, it’s natural that in our trips to the beach or the countryside we take out mobile devices and media players with us, so we can listen to our favorite music through our ear phones. However, there are two problems with this: in the long run, they can damage the ear, and they isolate us from the environment. That’s why high-end portable speakers are becoming widely used; these can be connected to the mobile phone vie Bluetooth and provide us with a great sound quality under any situation. Also, they adapt to our car so we can listen to our music in digital quality without having anything done to the car. The following article will cover some of the innovations on these speakers.

Bose’s innovations

Bose’s innovationsThis company of profesional sound has releaded their own protable speakers called SoundLink. This device with a look similar to a radio measures 24x13x1.9 centimeters and weighs 1.3 kilograms. That¡s why it may not be a good idea to carry it with us in the bus, but it can fit in most backpacks or bags with no problem.

It has several plugs, like a microUSB so we can cnnect to i tour mobile phoe or media player, as well as a mini jack port and the charger one.

The battery can last for 8 hours straights and it features a wirless range of ten meters between this 20-watt speaker and the player. It works with any kind of operative systems and cards that support Bluetooth connectivity.

Its Price can change depending on the materials of the case. The cheaper, with a nylon case, isa round 400 USD, while the leather ones increase the Price up to around 450 USD.

Fidelio Series from Philips

The dutch company has always been known for the quality of their multimedia devices, and even though their TVs have not been offering anything new as of lately, their sound-related devices are. In regard to portable speakers, they have released their Fidelio Series, with the P8 and P9 models, which, just like Bose’s SoundLink, have an interesting design.

Fidelio Series from Philips

The superior model, the P9, has specs similar to Bose’s speaker. This 20-watt speaker with Bluetooth connectivity has a USB port to charge the mobile phone, a mini jack audio one and another, for charging it. It will cost 400 USD.

Sony SRS Series

Sony SRS SeriesSony released to models with different prices, according to each one’s individual specs: the SRS-BTX300 and the SRS-BTX500, which cost 200 and 300 USD, respectively.

Although their design is similar to the models we previously reviewed, they sport 20 and 40 watts. They can be adapted for use in the car, outdoor parties or a day at the beach, thanks to their NFC connectivity.

They can also be connected via Bluetooth and has a USB port in which we can charge our phone. It also features a hands-free mode so we can answer calls while we drive.

Logitech’s UE BOOM

Thanks to its designs and its specs, the EU BOOM is the model with an easier operation from this review, and the latest released. It has a 18-centimeter cylindrical shape and weighs around 538 grams, which allows us to easily carry it around inside its case, or in our hand. Several different colors can be chosen from, and it costs 260 USD approx.

Logitech’s UE BOOM

It features Bluetooth and NFC connectivity and can work for 15 hours. Also, thanks to its shape, it can direct the sound in every direction, perfect for being at the center of the room during a party.

It has two channels, so we can connect one of them to another speaker to play the music from the same phone. We need to download an app for mobile devices and tablets available in Apple app store and the Google Site in Android.

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