Best 2.0 Computer Speakers: M-Audio AV 40 Monitor Professional Speakers Review


Standard PC speakers are taking more professional note each day. Everybody wants their in-house stereo setup to meet the highest standards. Thus today you don’t have to be a professional musician to have the highest quality stereo inside your room. And on top of this, if you are going to work it out with the quality music – high quality speakers are must-have.

M-Audio AV 40 Monitor Professional Speakers

M-Audio AV 40 Monitor Professional speakers are outstanding set of professional speakers that will meet some of the highest criteria when it comes to creating and playing the music. Should you find yourself in need of severe audio output devices – M-Audio AV 40 is just the way to go.


Let’s open up the box with the very first impression you get upon wrapping off M-Audio AV 40 Monitor Professional speakers. They are quite robust and, most likely, you are not used to see these big speakers around your monitor. If you tend not to realize the expression “big” in “big speakers” – they are nothing you have seen before, moreover your 21’’ LCD monitor might look ridiculously small beside these speakers. Therefore clean off a shelf or make some space for these robust two boys.

Two M-Audio AV 40 speakers weight 14 pounds each with dimensions of 8.5×6.2×7.5 inches. These dimensions make them quite bulky in appearance but in comparison to the other speakers you are going to save some space to the power setup as it’s found within left-hand speaker. On the back of the speakers you can find two sets of connectors RCA and TRS for professional audio sources, speaker terminal outputs, bass boost switch, voltage selector, replaceable fuse, connector for included power cable, and a power switch.

Comparing to the other 2.0 speaker systems, M-Audio AV 40 MP speakers are more robust not only in physical appearance but in audio processing achieving higher quality in terms of clear voice, strong bass and sharp sound.

Another handy feature found within this set of pro speakers is magnetic shield. Given the size of the speakers, one would expect them to cause some severe troubles to your LCD monitor or TV when placed near; however it is good to know you will have no troubles with it as these speakers are magnetically shielded and can coexist with other nearby devices without interference.

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M-Audio AV 40 Monitor Professional speakers are some of the best ones to be found around nowadays according to the features and price taken in account altogether. Clear and cohesive sound with audio and stereo features meeting the highest standard at relatively fair cost make this set of speakers the most desired on the market these days.

This set of desktop speakers is highly recommended due to reliability and sharpness of performance, quality of the sound produced and the professional studio standards the set meets. Minor drawbacks are greatly ran over with way more shining pros.

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