LG Tone Ultra, new Bluetooth headphones

Featuring a similar design to the previous model, the new LG headphones are designed to be used during sports or physical activities.

The new Ultra LG Tone (HBS- 800) are the evolution of the current LG Tone, they offer wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and have a noise cancellation system using a microphone that picks up sound around us and then generates inverse frequency sound, so they isolate the user from external noise.

It is possible to link it to two devices at once, so you don’t have to change between one and the other constantly. Of course, they can also be used as a hands-free with smart phones.

LG Tone Ultra

The most striking change is the change in design and placement of the buttons, you have to remember that this type of headphones are placed around the neck to avoid carrying their weight in your head, then the headphones come out of the main structure.

You can pre-order them now for 130 USD. LG Tone Ultra

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