iPad Air 2. Are the vibrations of the speaker sounds annoying?

If you are thinking on getting a new Apple tablet, you should get well informed about their advantages and disadvantages, and something even more important: their possible design flaws. Today we’re going to talk about one of the aspects that the iOS users have critiqued the most: The vibrations produced by the sound of the potent speakers of the iPad Air 2.

iPad Air 2

Before beginning with our analytical article, it is worth mentioning that the new iPad Air 2 is an authentic jewel, and regarding its hardware it is one of the most revolutionary devices. Without a doubt it is one of the best tablets on the market. But it is true that as with any other product it had its pros and cons.

Its most advantageous characteristic we already know. Extraordinarily fleint, a speaker redesign, touch ID, a more finer width, a 64 bits A8X chip, non reflective screen, M8 movement processor…

But… what about its disadvantages? One of them is, depending on the taste of the consumer, can be the excessive vibrations that the speaker produce because of the width of the device and the new design.

Are the vibrations that annoying?

It is a though question, complex and full of details that have to be taken into consideration. After a week of use, we can say with total confidence that they are not as uncomfortable as they appear at the beginning. It is true that they exist, but as you use it, you end up forgetting about it.

Ow, it depends a lot about what volume you set it in if the vibrations will be uncomfortable or not. Lets take, for example, that we want to se a accion flick, when you hold the iOS device with both hands, at first, you realize it vibrates, but this slight discomfort ends up turning into an advantage, at least on this case.

As every shot, explosion and every sound of the movie gives you a more immersive experience. The same happens with some games of the App Store, the vibration can offer a new way of experiencing the games.

But if what we want is to watch a relaxation video, for example, the thing changes. Is we set the volume of the iPad Air 2 at medium capacity, we can feel the impact the vibrations have on our hands. But we recommend not to turn up the volume to that point, because of it potency the speakers is more that enough for any activity except for some cases (listening music from the other side of the house, taking a shower, etc.)

Definitively, and under our point of view, they are not as uncomfortable as we though when we first got it, but they are there, and in a lot of occasion we will notice them (not a negative thing all the time). Since, it does not rumble or shakes the furniture when it is placed on a surface, we will only notice a slight vibration when we place our hand over it. On the other hand, being the thinnest tabled on the market (6,1 mm) we think that it is totally compressible that they are there.

If you’re one of the users that think (you’re totally on your right) that the new tablet emits an excessive and annoying vibration, you can always get a good case to reduce the vibrations.

What do you think? Is it really that annoying? We are waiting for you on the comment section. Thank You.

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