Bowers & Wilkins CM10, tower-type speakers

Bowers & Wilkins CM10

Bowers & Wilkins just released the newest member of their CM series. These tower-type speakers feature a configuration unknown to the series up until today. The B&W CM10 feature a tweeter in the upper part of its new design, plus three speakers for the bass and one for the mid-frequency sounds, with FST technology. The tweeter has a double dome of aluminum. Instead of the carbon reinforcement of the PM1 model, they have opted for an aluminum one. The second layer of aluminum replicates the main one, but with the central part cropped. This makes the structure sturdier and more resistant, to prevent the parts from deforming due to constant use.

Just like it happened with the speakers of the 800 Diamond series of the same brand, the tweeter is installed in the upper part. This isolates the speaker from low-frequency sounds, and greatly increases the range of the sound. It also sets the first set of frequencies at 38 kHz, and gives us some nice additional advantages. The height is the same of the CM9 series model, but since it doesn’t have a speaker for low-frequency sounds, it’s possible to add a third one for the bass, which means it can produce a 50 % more powerful bass than its CM9 predecessors. Under the tweeter, but inside the case, we have the speaker for mid-frequency sounds, with a Kevlar cone –yellow-colored, like usual-; and the transducers are made with the brand’s FST technology. As a new feature, the FST transducer is fixed by a traction bar mechanism, just like the one we can find in the models of the 800 Diamond series.

Bowers & Wilkins CM10

These speakers from Bowers & Wilkins are available in four different designs: two with sheets made of wenge wood, and the others painted in shiny black or white. It’s important to notice that the manufacturer recommends setting the speakers one to three meters away from each other, so they form a triangle with the location of the people listening to them. Both should be half a meter away from the wall behind them, and half a meter from any wall at their sides. This is recommended position to work as a high fidelity sound with stereo sound. In case you want to use these CM10 speakers as frontal speakers of a home theater, you must get them closer to each other, and set them one meter away from the TV screen. However, the distance between them and the walls have to be the same –half a meter- no matter how you plan to use them.

And finally, we must wait until next September for B&W CM10 to start selling these new speakers, at a price that exceeds the 3600$ for the two of them.

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