AEG LB 4713 Bluetooth Speakers Review

The truth is that the device with operating systems with Android are behind other devices when it comes to peripherals . Practically finding speakers with, android base is very complicated compared with Apple, for example. There are synchronized bases, and even in Nexus 7 or Galaxy Nexus devices, there are pogo bases , so, bases that take advantage of the side pins of this devices to load and remove audio, but have no speakers, and also its price is almost prohibitive.

AEG LB 4713 Bluetooth Speaker

The problem is that most Android devices only have one microUSB connector for which you can only download or transfer data, never audio, therefore the difficulties of finding bases and speakers.

One company launching bases for Android is Phillips, with its system Fidelio. Bases with speakers and digital clock to charge the device trough microUSB and transmits audio via bluetooth. It works under a free application of Phillips that can be found on Google Play .

Apart from the Phillips option, that for me is simple and expensive, the rest of us with Android devices can opt for traveling speakers, cable or bluetooth, more affordable.

Today we will analyze AEG LB 4713 BT speakers, speakers with bluetooth connection by which we can play all the music stored on our devices. In addition, these speakers are quite comfortable to carry, are fed by internal battery, so we avoid battery pull, and sound, without being professional, is quite acceptable.

Packaging and Contents of the box:

Speakers are presented in a cardboard box, sealed. Once unsealed and opened on a base foam speakers are protected by a plastic sleeve. At his side, the included cables and manual. The whole is covered by another sheet to its closed foam.

The content, in addition to the speakers, are: Instruction Manual in several languages, including Spanish, cable miniUSB-USB and minijack-minijack cord.

Speaker, first impressions:

The first impression of the product is that it is a well finished product, with a sleek design. With a metal front, where a grill protects the speaker. On this front, to the right, we have the volume control, pause-play, and navigation. Plastic buttons that give an impression of being more loose. The back is hard plastic. The connections are on the sides, easy to access them.


One of this speakers advantages, is that it chargers thanks to a lithium battery, and not batteries like other gadgets. Polymer Lithium Battery 3.7 V 1050 mAh-Ions with a charging time of 3 hours and an operating time of 12 hours.

Charge is realized trough miniUSB connection. Power is of DC 5 V / 100-120 mA.


With a range of 15 meters, depending on the environment and the devices used, this speaker has support for bluetooth V2.0 + EDR, with a frequency of 2.4 GHz transmission with A2DP and AVRCP protocols.

Operating buttons:

On the right we have three buttons that can operate from the speaker. In the center is the button Play / Pause. At the top button Volume + / Forward and the lower zone Volume-/Backspace button.

The operation of the Volume / forward buttons is simple. A short press changes the volume, a long press forward / Step back on track.


The connections are located on the right side of the speaker. On this side we find the button on / off, as well as miniUSB connections and the AUX IN.

Through the on / off button can connect the speaker. When connected, you will hear a sound and the LED on the front will flash.

Trough the miniUSB the battery will charge and trough the stereo jack of 3,5mm (AUX IN) can connect the speaker to any device using a minijack cable. This jack is not, in any case, an audio output.


The back of the speaker has two pins acting as support to keep it standing up. The legs are plastic and can be folded.


The operation is simple. If you want to use it through the AUX IN connection, you only have to plug the cable into your outlet and turn it on.

If you want to use bluetooth connection advantage, you must pair it first with your device. Activate your bluetooth the device and performs a search. Appear the name of the speaker, press to pair and enter the speaker’s pin, which defaults to 0000.


We can not speak of a professional speaker, so we can not speak of a professional sound. Still, this 2.1 stereo speaker unfolds beautifully, with a more than acceptable for everyday use. Crisp, clean sound quite acceptable.

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